Texture Granularity Database (GranTEX)

The GranTEX database has 30 images of textures with different granularity levels. The granularity of the selected textures in the database can be classified into three levels — low, medium and high. These textures along with their subjective granularity scores are available as a part of this database.


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Subedar, Mahesh M., and Lina J. Karam. "A subjective study and an objective metric to quantify the granularity level of textures.", IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015.


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Description of the GranTEX database

Original Textures:

Textures in images represent intensity variations of the pixels. The amount of details present in textures can be quantified based on the granularity level. The texture granularity is directly related to the size of texture primitives present in the image. A texture primitive is referred to as the smallest recognizable repetitive object observed in the image. A texture with a high granularity level will have smaller size primitives, while a texture with a low granularity level will have larger size primitives.

The selected texture images in this database are typically found in natural and man-made objects seen around us. All the images in the database are cropped to a common size of 512×512 pixels. The images are stored in a 24 bits-per-pixel RGB format.

Subjective Study:

A subjective study is conducted to measure the perceived granularity level of textures in the GranTEX database. A single stimulus subjective testing is performed, where the subjects were asked to judge the granularity of the individual textures on a scale of 1 to 3 (1=>low, 2=>medium and 3=>high) values. A total of 15 subjects volunteered to participate in this subjective study. The subjective granularity scores are provided as part of this database.

A total of 15 subjects volunteered to participate in this subjective study.

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