JPEG2000 Compressed GranTEX Database (J2KGranTEX)

This database consists of 15 textures from the GranTEX database which are compressed at 8 different levels using JPEG2000 compression standard. The database also includes mean opinion scores (MOS) obtained from the subjective study.


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Subedar, Mahesh M., and Lina J. Karam. "A subjective study and an objective metric to quantify the granularity level of textures.", IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2015.

Subedar, Mahesh M., and Lina J. Karam. "A no reference texture granularity index and application to visual media compression", To be published in IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2015).


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Description of the J2KGranTEX database

We have conducted a subjective study to quantify the compression quality of textures with different granularity levels.  A subset of fifteen texture images from GranTEX database are used in this study. The textures are compressed using JPEG2000 compression standard.

Original Textures:

Fifteen texture images from GranTEX database are used, five textures from each granularity level (low, medium and high) are considered.

JPEG2000 compression:

The textures are compressed using JasPer JPEG2000 compression software. The images are compressed in the range [0.0192 – 2.16] bits-per-pixel (bpp). Each texture is compressed at 8 different levels covering entire quality range.  


Subjective Study:

Subjective study is conducted using five-point double stimulus impairment scale (DSIS). The stimulus is presented on a desktop monitor with natural room lighting conditions. A MATLAB GUI program is used to render the side-by-side images onto the display. A total of 135 (120 compressed + 15 original) image pairs were used and the stimulus order was randomized for every subject. The subjects were asked to score the visual quality of images using a 5-point scale, where 1 represented poor quality and 5 represented excellent quality.

A total of 15 subjects volunteered to participate in this subjective study.

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