Lina Karam

Professor, School of Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering
IEEE Fellow
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics on Signal Processing

Image, Video, and Usability (IVU) Lab

Director, Real-Time Embedded Signal Processing (RESP) Lab
Office: Goldwater Building, Room 430 (GWC 430)
School of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering

Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-5706

E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: (480) 965-3694

Fax: (480) 965-0493

Fall 2019 Office Hours: Tuesdays noon to 1:00pm and Thursdays 10:30am to 11:30a



sam Bashar_Haddad

Samuel Dodge,     Ph.D. Student

Saliency, deep learning

Joshua Feinglass, Ph.D. Student (co-advised with Daniel Bliss)

Signal Processing and Human Machine Interfacing

Shanshi Huang, Ph.D. Student

Deep learning

Bashar Haddad,  Ph.D. Student

Ensemble Classifiers, Learning from small data-sets, change detection


Alireza Golestaneh, Ph.D. Candidate

Perceptual Quality Assessment, Computer Vision

Tejas Borkar,           Ph.D. Student


Charan Prakash,    Ph.D. Student


Aditee Shrotre,       Ph.D. Student



Juan Andrade Rodas,  Ph.D. Student


Ruolei Ji,    Ph.D. Student


Jinane Mounsef,    Ph.D. Student

Biometric/Face Recognition


Past Students

Dr. Jinjin Li Locally Adaptive Stereo Vision Based 3D Visual Reconstruction May 2017 Affiliation: Amazon Research Labs
Dr. Milind Gide Subjective and Objective Evaluation of Visual Attention Models December 2016 Affiliation: Edge 3 Technologies
Dr. Tong Zhu Perceptual-Based Locally Adaptive Noise and Blur Detection May 2016 Affiliation: Apple
Dr. Mahesh Subedar Visual Quality with a Focus on 3D Blur Discrimination and Texture December 2015 Affiliation: Intel
Dr. Qian Xu Spatial and Multi-Temporal Visual Change Detection with Application to SAR Image Analysis December 2014