FisheyeCDC Toolbox

FisheyeCDC Toolbox

FisheyeCDC Toolbox (Fisheye Calibration and Distortion-Correction Toolbox):

Fisheye cameras are special cameras that have a much larger field of view compared to conventional cameras. The large field of view comes at a price of non-linear distortions introduced near the boundaries of the images captured by such cameras. Despite this drawback, they are being used increasingly in many applications of computer vision, robotics, reconnaissance, astrophotography, surveillance and automotive applications. The images captured from such cameras can be corrected for their distortion if the cameras are calibrated and the distortion function is determined. Calibration also allows fisheye cameras to be used in tasks involving metric scene measurement, metric scene reconstruction and other simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms. The FisheyeCDC toolbox incorporates a collection of some of the most widely used techniques for calibration of fisheye cameras under one package with an easy to use interface. This enables an inexperienced user to calibrate his/her own camera without the need for a theoretical understanding about computer vision and camera calibration.


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Vinay Kashyap T.P, "Fisheye Camera Calibration and Applications," Master's Thesis, Arizona State University, November 2014.


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Note: The FisheyeCDC Toolbox is available for download at the link below. The provided zip file is password protected. Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you the needed password to unzip the file. The FisheyeCDC Toolbox is being continuously updated and you will be informed about new releases as they become available.

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