Image- and Gradient-based wavelet domain Syntheized Texture Quality Assessment (IGSTQA)


S. Alireza Golestaneh, and Lina J. Karam


Here we propose a training-free reduced-reference (RR) objective quality assessment method that quantifies the perceived quality of synthesized textures. The proposed reduced-reference synthesized texture quality assessment metric is based on measuring the spatial and statistical attributes of the texture image using both image- and gradient-based wavelet coefficients at multiple scales. Performance evaluations on two synthesized texture databases demonstrate that our proposed RR synthesized texture quality metric significantly outperforms both full-reference and RR state-of-the-art quality metrics in predicting the perceived visual quality of the synthesized textures.


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Alireza Golestaneh and L. J. Karam, “Synthesized Texture Quality Assessment via Multi-scale Spatial and Statistical Texture Attributes of Image and Gradient Magnitude Coefficients Magnitudes”

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Please cite the following paper if you are using our code or this research helpful for your purpose:


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You can download the code from here (LINK). If the previous link does not work, download it from this GitHub LINK

You can download the “SynTEX Granularity Database” that is used in our paper from here: LINK